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When trying to request a license key, after the installation of Visual Expert 7, you get a pop-up window telling you that no internet connection was detected follow the steps below: * You will need to ask for a key manually * Go to Help > Registration > Request Key Manually * Send an email to containing: * The Computer ID and the Repository ID found in Step 2 of Request Key Manually * Whether or not you are able to access:
Visual Expert considers as unused, the components for which no references were found in your code. Because VE does not execute the application and only reads source code, some dynamic references cannot be found (those references that are dynamically calculated when the application is running). Therefore, "unused" macros provide a list of "potentially" unused items that you should double-check before removing. However, you can include some dynamic references in VE analysis by using exceptions (See Settings -...
When you try to install a new SQL Server instance (either automatically or manually), by selecting the option in the SQL Server Connection wizard, if you dont have .NET framework installed in your machine, you will get the following error message, indicating the need to install .NET Framework 3.5: "Problem occured during installation. Please install or activate .NET FW 3.5, see the Help Manual for more information." Click OK and close the installation wizard. On closing the wizard you may get the messag...
If you are getting the error "Attempt to load Oracle client libraries threw BadImageFormatException. This problem will occur when running in 64 bit mode with the 32 bit Oracle client components installed" Then you need to install the 64 bit Oracle driver. If you have the error: "This problem will occur when running in 32 bit mode with the 64 bit Oracle client components installed" Then you need to install the 32 bit Oracle driver.
If you are getting this error, please try installing .NET framework 4.5.2
When installing Visual Expert, if you get the error XML document (1,1) while trying to connect to the Master DataBase you need to remove VEBackgroundWorker in C:ProgramDataNovalysVisualExpertConfig then restart the MDB creation process. This error happens when a setup is already installed and we try to install new setup, which corrupts the file.
Some tables in your code may contain prefixes, if this is the case, Visual Expert has a hard time determining if it's the same table and therefore creates a duplicate. In order to let Visual Expert know that these are the same tables, you can adjust the settings. Go to Settings - Project Settings - Souce Code Tab and select the option Default DB items. Here, you will need to define your default server name, DB and schema.
This warning messages may occur while analyzing a VE project connecting to an Oracle-DB, when the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access a TableSpace containing some Oracle objects of the VE project. An Oracle Tablespace is a logical storage unit. It is possible that the current user might not have the permissions required to access components residing in any specific tablespace. For example, a VE project includes DB objects from 2 Tablespaces "System" and "Users". The VE project...
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