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Knowledgebase : System Requirements - Limitations
As long as you code is writtent in a language supported by Visual Expert, VE can analyze your code, no matter where/how it is executed (client side, application server, database…).
There is no limitation regarding the volume of code supported by Visual Expert. A larger volume of code will require more resources (RAM, CPU, Hard Drive) and a longer code analysis.
This depends on the volume of code and the specification of the Machine running the analysis. Please refer to the system requirements []for optimal performances
Comments are not required for VE to analyse the code of the application. If comments exist in the application, they will add complementary information to the data provided by VE.
The minimum requirements for Visual Expert 7 are: * Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Vista * PC Pentium IV and above * 1GB RAM * 5GB of free space on hard drive. * 2 CPU * .NET Framework 4.5.2
VE analyzes code writtent with PB 5 and above versions.
Please check the latest system requirements in this page [].
Visual Expert is very easy to install and to use for any developer. No specific skills are required, except the basic knowledge of the programming language used.
If, for example, you have created a VE project that includes an application in PB 12.5 and 12.6, Visual Expert has no problem analysing your code. We suggest selecting the newest version of PowerBuilder used in your application, when creating your Visual Expert project in the "Create New project" Wizard. In the example above, you would select PowerBuilder 12.6 when creating your project.
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