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"Cannot find the source-code of <object-name>" - Warning during Oracle DB Analysis
Posted by Novalys Support on 14 September 2016 09:50 AM

This warning messages may occur while analyzing a VE project connecting to an Oracle-DB,
when the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access a TableSpace containing some Oracle objects of the VE project.

An Oracle Tablespace is a logical storage unit.
It is possible that the current user might not have the permissions required to access components residing in any specific tablespace.

For example, a VE project includes DB objects from 2 Tablespaces "System" and "Users".

The VE project is used by two users "User1" and "User2":
* User1 has rights on both tablespaces. He should not get any message while analyzing the VE Project.
* User2 can only access tablespace "Users". For each objects from the Tablespace "System", he will get messages like "Cannot find the source-code of <object-name>".

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