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Posted by Liz Robertson on 10 September 2015 02:23 PM

Visual Expert 2015 contains 2 macros (options in the left view) to help you isolate libraries within a large PB application in order to separate several modules: PBL Dependencies and External Dependencies.

1. PBL dependencies
Select a PBL, and use the button PBL Dependencies to see all the PBLs related to the selected library. This macro is similar to a called hierarchy, but at PBL level.

2. External Dependencies
Select a PBL, and use the option External Dependencies to get details of the items called outside of a PBL. In the screenshot below, see how w_resp_customer_search is calling various items from other PBLs outside of demopfc.pbl

Use the parameter option (wrench) to filter the kind of references you wish to display.




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