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How do I use Visual Expert to get a list of objects/functions related to NVOs?
Posted by z Liz Robertson on 29 January 2014 05:07 PM

To get a list of related objects/functions (and their related objects/functions) to Non Visual Objects using Visual Expert:

  1. Select the NVO you wish to move
  2. Open the parameters of the macro "Method and events" (wrench icon)
  3. Select only the object functions & events.
  4. Click OK to execute this macro
  5. Select the methods displayed (Ctrl+A will select them all)
  6. Execute the macro "Called hierarchy"
  7. If you wish to know the name of the object containing a called method, you can either:
    1. Hover the method and check-out the name of the container in the tooltip
    2. Execute the macro "definition" for this method to display the container in the treeview
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