Evolve your PowerBuilder Applications

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Modernize PowerBuilder UI and Architecture

PB Open is a program helping PB users migrate their applications and skills to the next level, leveraging the new PowerBuilder Web API and a new User Interface.

  • Leverage the Appeon Roadmap
  • Specifically created for PowerBuilder
  • Effective Approach
  • Finally, the UI end-users are waiting for

Modernize the look of your application

Your application was developed a while ago, and you would to update its design to keep up with the competition? You can remodel its user interface, modernize its look and feel and/or introduce innovative PB controls. For instance, you can implement a docking system, a navigation bar, advanced tab pages and other powerful features. As a result, you will get a brand-new modern User Interface for the cost of a minor evolution of your application.

Simplify the maintenance of your PowerBuilder applications

Evolving large PB applications can be a very complex process: you have to plan changes, manually browse the code, understand its inner workings, and debug the regression issues that often follow. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Using Visual Expert, you can quickly recover the knowledge of any complex application, and automatically evaluate the impacts of modifications, whether changes are made in the PB code or in the database.

Modernize your application Security

Technology evolves quickly, so do security requirements and user expectations.
Your PB applications can meet new challenges and stay competitive. For example, you can:

  • Allow users to identify themselves using their Windows account, Facebook or Google.
  • Keep track of sensitive operations done by each user within the application (Auditing)
  • Completely separate business logic and security logic in order to evolve security rules without changing the code.
  • Delegate security management to a helpdesk or group administrators

Make Your PowerBuilder Applications Multilingual

Adding a multilingual interface to your applications makes users more productive and opens up business opportunities. Go further than simple translation.

Adapt screens and reports for each language. Add or subtract data to localize and customize the interface for each user population. Allow end-users to modify translations by themselves. Support right-to-left text and Asian characters.