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Posted by Liz Robertson on 06 May 2014 04:03 PM

The Global Search feature in Visual Expert allows you to search throughout your application; it now has more flexibility and criteria to help you refine your search. 

Match Case

Like the previous versions, you can search a string in the name of the component or in the source code.But you can now decide whether you would like the search to take into account the capitalization of letters by selecting the checkbox Match Case.

String Positioning

Two new listboxes allow restricting the search with the following options:

  • Contains: search for words containing the specified string, whatever the position of the string in the word (default value)
  • Starts With: search only for words starting with the specified string
  • Ends With: search only for words ending with the specified string
  • Exact Word: search only for words matching exactly the specified string
  • Regex: refine your search with a regular expression. 

Filter on multiple type of items

Previous versions of Visual Expert only allowed you to select one type of element to search within. Now with Visual Expert 7, you can search within multiple items at the same time. For example, you can limit the search to the object types Windows and UserObjects.

Searching into items has been made easier in Visual Expert 7. Items are organized into categories (PowerBuilder, Database, Others) in the drop down list. 


Continue to browse your code while the search runs in the background. 

String Search


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