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(formerly Sybase ASE)

Optimize workload | Improved performance and scalability | Flexible Deployment and Cloud ready even with AWS

With SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise previously named Sybase ASE, modernize and accelerate your transactional applications on premise and in the cloud.

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A Proven Solution

  • More than 30000 global customers use SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise in Highly demanding mission critical environments

High Performance

  • Unlimited scalability and compression of enterprise-class throughput


  • Adaptive Server Enterprise ensures data is securly deployed whenever and whererver you need it with is unique design

Low total cost of ownership

  • ASE licensing adapts to your organization's needs with flexible options


2 Packages to adapt to your organization needs

SAP ASE, platform edition

Secure deployment flexibility by incorporating SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server in one licensing model.

SAP ASE, Edge edition, advanced version

Enable solutions for smaller database deployments and applications with a limitation of eight cores

Try SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • Free for use in any non-production environment
  • Unlimited engines, memory, users, and database size
  • Runs on Linux and Windows
  • Includes SAP ASE options
  • 90-day evaluation period