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How do I add and see a description of my project in Visual Expert?
Posted by Liz Robertson on 14 January 2016 11:37 AM

The project name may not be enough information to clearly define your Visual Expert projects for others. When creating your project, you can add a description while completing the New Project wizard. This description can then be seen by placing your mouse over the project in the Open Project window. You can also add or change a description by selecting a project and pressing “Edit”.

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How do I control access to my Visual Expert projects?
Posted by Liz Robertson on 14 January 2016 11:29 AM

If you have concurrent users connected to Visual Expert, you can manage who can open, edit, analyze, and export a project. You can also manage who has the ability to control the above.

Go to Settings - Access Control to get a list of users connected to your Visual Expert Master Database (Project Repository).

The user who creates the project, is the one who defines who has what access rights. For example, the team leader creates a project in the shared Master Database; certain team members can open the project, but cannot export in HTML or Excel a part of the Main View, or create documentation because they do not have the “Can Export” permissions.



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Reporting Studio Service Pack NRS 2014 RS is now available!
Posted by Agathe Lesgourgues on 25 February 2015 06:21 PM

A more stable and improved version of our reporting tool is now available.

Faster, easier, more intuitive, discover the new Reporting Studio version !

What's new ?

You can now create and edit a report from within your PB application.

 You can now use the graphs function more deeply thanks to the color and properties improvments


The Report Viewer component offers now the Zoom and Print options

Compress your ENA file to save space, without impact on the performance

More documentation, more performance, more possibilities...
Ease your reporting experience here! (login to access this page)

What's cooking?

Report Server Proof of Concept : Run your reports on the Web thanks to the Report Viewer Web component.


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