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How do I see any warnings and errors that may have arisen during my analysis?
Posted by Liz Robertson on 10 September 2015 02:16 PM

You can Go to Settings > Project Settings > General Tab and check the option ‘Display warnings and errors occurring during the analysis’. After checking this box, re-analyse your project (shortcut: ctrl + F5).

You will see in the progress window of your analysis, any errors or warnings that have arisen since then. You will then have the option to send a ticket to support using the button “Send log to support”.


This will launch the support wizard, that will allow you to send us a ticket directly with the errors that have been found during the analysis.



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Refreshing/collapsing the main view in Visual Expert
Posted by Liz Robertson on 10 September 2015 02:08 PM

Have a long list of items expanded in your Main View?  You can return to the flat list of components by selecting the Home button, or by pressing F5.

Refresh main view

Note: This doesn’t refresh your analysis; if you have made changes in your code and want to re-run the analysis, you can use the shortcut Ctrl +F5.



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Visual Expert 7 Now Available!
Posted by Liz Robertson on 03 July 2014 10:36 AM

After months of testing and much appreciated feedback, Visual Expert 7 is now generally available!

Visual Expert has been completely redesigned to better meet the needs of PowerBuilder developers. 

It has an entirely new architecture and a modernized interface, with the same indispensable features:

  • Generating Detailed Technical Documentation
  • Transfering the knowledge of your Application between teammates
  • Better exploring your code

All-new Architecture

Visual Expert now allows for larger amounts of code to be analyzed while freeing up your computer's resources!
Handle your projects by scheduling your analysis and documentation for whenever you need it, or with a background analysis whenever you're not using your computer. Access previous analyses of your projects that are stored by Visual Expert 7.
Host your Visual Expert projects server side, and let your whole team share the same analysis while delegating different tasks.

Extended Analyses

New ways to analyse your objects have been added. Your favourite macros from VE 5 are back as well.
Locate External References, Overrides, Dropdown DWs, Main PB Objects and more!
Better define your global searchwith more options

Multiple Applications

Analyze multiple applications in the same Project
Run Impact Analyses on shared tables, Stored procedures, dlls…

New Documentation

The documentation generator has been redeveloped to produce a richer documention (see an example here)
You can now schedule the documentation and update it automatically in the background

If you would like to get Visual Expert 7, please create a ticket in the support center for more information and let us accompany you through the setup process and explain the new features Visual Expert 7 has to offer. 

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Webinar: Manage the evolution of your PowerBuilder applications
Posted by Liz Robertson on 06 May 2014 04:26 PM

Learn how to share the knowledge of your PowerBuilder application among the team and to help maintain it as your team evolves. See how to manage unexpected side effects during modifications to your application.

For those of you already familiar with Visual Expert, tune in to see how Visual Expert 7 improves the sharing experience, manages even larger sets of code and better automates your analyses. See how several developers can now simultaneously use the same VE project and share the results of an impact analyses.

In this presentation, Christophe Dufourmantelle will demonstrate how Visual Expert lets you:

  • Explore and understand relationships within complex code
  • Automate an impact analysis to avoid the side effects of modifications

Check out the webinar here (Please sign in to PowerBuilderTV to view the webinar)

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VE 7 Preview: Updated Global Search
Posted by Liz Robertson on 06 May 2014 04:03 PM

The Global Search feature in Visual Expert allows you to search throughout your application; it now has more flexibility and criteria to help you refine your search. 

Match Case

Like the previous versions, you can search a string in the name of the component or in the source code.But you can now decide whether you would like the search to take into account the capitalization of letters by selecting the checkbox Match Case.

String Positioning

Two new listboxes allow restricting the search with the following options:

  • Contains: search for words containing the specified string, whatever the position of the string in the word (default value)
  • Starts With: search only for words starting with the specified string
  • Ends With: search only for words ending with the specified string
  • Exact Word: search only for words matching exactly the specified string
  • Regex: refine your search with a regular expression. 

Filter on multiple type of items

Previous versions of Visual Expert only allowed you to select one type of element to search within. Now with Visual Expert 7, you can search within multiple items at the same time. For example, you can limit the search to the object types Windows and UserObjects.

Searching into items has been made easier in Visual Expert 7. Items are organized into categories (PowerBuilder, Database, Others) in the drop down list. 


Continue to browse your code while the search runs in the background. 

String Search


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VE7 Preview: the new Project Wizard
Posted by Liz Robertson on 31 January 2013 02:44 PM

Until now, Visual Expert could analyze DB Code, but this code had to be stored in files:

  • Either you already had SQL files containing your stored procedures, triggers, etc.
  • Or you had to use a utility - such as DataBaseExtractor (DBE) provided by Visual Expert – to connect to your database and generate SQL files before creating a VE Project and analyzing your DB Code.

Visual Expert 7 now includes a feature that automatically:

  1. connects to the database,
  2. extracts DB objects (Stored Procedure, Triggers, Tables, Views…) on the fly,
  3. analyzes them with the rest of your code (if any).

The VE7 Project Wizard includes a new section to select the DB Code you wish to analyze:

Step 1: Select your type of code

Select Language


Step 2: Select “database” as a location for VE to find your code

Find your code


Step 3: Enter your connection settings and select your database

Connection Settings


Step 4: Select the DB Objects you wish to include in the VE project

Scope of the analysis


Preview DB objects

Whenever you click on “View all”, you get a list of the DB Items found:

DB objects


Advanced Selection Mode

If needed, you can refine your DB Object selection by using filters.
Click on the button “Advanced mode” in the bottom left of this page.

You can then Filter DB Objects by type, DB Owner and Name:

Filter DB Objects


Once your selection is defined, follow the Project Wizard until the code analysis is launched.




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