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Yes, Visual Expert 6.1 supports PB 12.5; however, there are certain limitations in regards to the interaction with the PB IDE, including Open in PB IDE not functioning. There may also be duplicated objects in certain projects between applications built in PB12.0 and modified in 12.5. Visual Expert 7 fully supports PB 12.5.
While installing or starting Visual Expert 6.1 in Windows 8, you may get the following error: "nve61.exe has stopped working". This is due to a compatibility problem. To resolve this problem: * Open C:\ProgramData\Novalys\Visual Expert 6.1 * Right click the Visual Expert exe * Go to 'Troubleshoot compatibility' * Choose the recommended settings * Select 'Test the Program' * Visual Expert should open * Click Next and 'Yes Save these settings for this program' Visual Expert should ...
Visual Expert considers as unused, the components for which no references were found in your code. Because VE does not execute the application and only reads source code, some dynamic references cannot be found (those references that are dynamically calculated when the application is running). Therefore, "unused" macros provide a list of "potentially" unused items that you should double-check before removing. However, you can include some dynamic references in VE analysis by using exceptions (See Settings -...
We now provide 2 versions of Visual Expert (32 bits and AnyCPU). For Visual Expert to communicate with PowerBuilder (32 bit application) you need to install the 32 bit version of VE2015. You may also need to check that you created your VE project be selecting a PowerBuilder target. And that you have PowerBuilder open with the corresponding workspace.
Some tables in your code may contain prefixes, if this is the case, Visual Expert has a hard time determining if it's the same table and therefore creates a duplicate. In order to let Visual Expert know that these are the same tables, you can adjust the settings. Go to Settings - Project Settings - Souce Code Tab and select the option Default DB items. Here, you will need to define your default server name, DB and schema.
You may experience a crash when opening multiple successive levels of hierarchy in the Visual Expert Treeview. Visual Expert relies on .NET Framework 4.5.2. Currently, this is a documented and known bug on their end. When a new version of .NET framework is released, we will update Visual Expert to resolve this issue. The number of successive hierachies that can be opened varies on each PC. We recommend that if you are experiencing this crash, to open less successive hierarchies to avoid Visual Expert cras...
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