Server Configuration for Visual Expert
Posted by Liz Robertson on 19 January 2016 03:11 PM

This article will explain the requirements and configuration needed to install Visual Expert on a server with concurrent users. 

License Type

Using Visual Expert on a server requires a concurrent Visual Expert license. This will allow multiple users to access the Visual Expert project repository, located on the server, simultaneously based on the number of licenses ordered.

Machine Configuration

Visual Expert needs to be installed on the server and on each developer machine.
The Visual Expert located on the server will house the SQL Server instance and project repository (Master Database). All project analyses and documentation generation will be delegated to the server. Each developer machine will connect to the version on the server. Access to projects will be based on the number of tokens available within the concurrent license.

Minimum requirements

Server: Windows Server 2008 or above
Developer Machine: Windows XP or above

All users that wish to access the server must have the same version of Visual Expert as the one installed on the server.

Other minimum requirements

SQL Server Requirements and Permissions

  •          SQL Server Express or higher (higher is recommended)

Visual Expert comes with a free instance of SQL Server Local DB; however for server installations you will need minimum SQL Server Express. This version is limited in space (10GB) and may not be enough for large projects. When several users are using Visual Expert at once, there may be a slower response time. The string search and code analysis may also take longer with SQL Server Express.

We recommend using the Standard version of SQL Server (or above). This will improve project capacity and response time.

If you have an existing version of SQL Server, you can connect this to Visual Expert during the installation wizard. You may need additional permissions in the DB when installing Visual Expert. In this case, you can create a new instance with new permissions, or get the DBA or other admin to give you permissions to the existing instance. You will need create, modify and delete permissions for tables and database when installing Visual Expert.

Connect SQL Server



Install and configure Visual Expert on the server, then on the developer machines.

Download and run the .msi provided to you.
When prompted to Connect to SQL Server, choose the option “Use an existing SQL Server Instance”. Input the information related to either SQL Server Express or above (see screenshot above).
Create a Master Database (the project repository) in the next step.
Request your concurrent license (for full licenses only).

Developer machines:
Download and run the .msi provided to you.
When prompted to Connect to SQL Server, choose the option “Use an existing SQL Server Instance”. Input the information related to the server machine and SQL Server instance that you’ve used on the server. (If you already have Visual Expert installed on your machine, go to File - Connect to Database)
In the next step, select the Master Database already created on the server.
You will then have access to the existing VE projects on the server. 

SQL Server


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