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Reporting Studio Service Pack NRS 2014 RS is now available!
Posted by Agathe Lesgourgues on 25 February 2015 06:21 PM

A more stable and improved version of our reporting tool is now available.

Faster, easier, more intuitive, discover the new Reporting Studio version !

What's new ?

You can now create and edit a report from within your PB application.

 You can now use the graphs function more deeply thanks to the color and properties improvments


The Report Viewer component offers now the Zoom and Print options

Compress your ENA file to save space, without impact on the performance

More documentation, more performance, more possibilities...
Ease your reporting experience here! (login to access this page)

What's cooking?

Report Server Proof of Concept : Run your reports on the Web thanks to the Report Viewer Web component.


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Reporting Studio : new roadmap for 2015 !
Posted by Agathe Lesgourgues on 22 January 2015 04:37 PM

In 2014, more than 200 companies tested Reporting Studio 2014.

Thanks to your feedback and suggestions we are about to release 2 versions: a service pack called NRS 2014 R2 and NRS 2015.

Planned for the end of March, NRS 2015, that will include the following features:

  •         Report Server (.NET server): the most awaited feature of NRS will let you view reports on Web and Mobile devices and to automatically generate reports with the Scheduler option.
  •         Report Maker: allow users to create and edit a report from within your PowerBuilderapplication.
  •         Report Viewer: zoom and print options
  •         Crosstabs support
  •         Graph improvements in the Customization window (specify the colors off each series)
  •         64-bits support
  •         Other improvements: Repository files compression, more rules and parameters, performance improvement and more documentation available.


Can’t wait for the official release?

Mid-February, a NRS 2015 Beta Program will allow you to test the features before the official release of the product.

If you want to be part of this new experience, join us now!  

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What’s next?

 NRS 2015 R2 is planned to be release in Q2 2015; new features will be in the works including:

  •         Server evolution : Report Maker and Repository Manager availability on Web
  •         Result Set Stored Procedures support
  •         Nested and Composite DataWindows
  •         Call Stored Functions in reports
  •         Support for Java servers
  •         Virtual Fields support (like Computed Fields) in the Repository

And much more! 

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